11 Nov


I Love You and I Disagree About LGBT
With mounting pressure in the church to either condemn or condone different sexual lifestyles, Don Rousu bears witness to the fact that there is another and better way to minister the grace of God in a confused and broken world that brings ultimate glory to Jesus, our Wisdom, our Righteousness, our Sanctification, and our Redemption (I Cor. 1:30)


About the author:
Don Rousu writes from the perspective of one who has been in pastoral ministry since 1968 with a keen interest and involvement in pastoral counselling for inner healing over more than 35 years.

What are others saying:

“I really value the way you tell your own story growing up and at Varsity. Wow, if anyone has a right to speak on these things, you do. And I can see how that set you up to minister to others. The fact that you can speak out of years of counseling is also very powerful.”– Dr. Derek Morphew of Capetown, South Africa, Academic Dean, Vineyard Institute

“Thanks so much for writing this book. It is absolutely needed. . . I cannot remember when I last read a book in one sitting. I did yours tonight! It was compelling and well-written!”– Chaplain Ed Hilchey, Federal Correctional Institution, Drumheller, Alberta

“I like the line, ‘Some think we’ve talked about this long enough, but I believe I have been given some things to say that haven’t been heard yet,’ I think this is true… The book has both a pastoral and prophetic edge to it… Thanks again for your work on this. I think it needs to be widely read and is an important contribution to the ongoing conversation on ministering with those who identify with same-sex attraction.” – Larry Levy, Pastor of the Halifax Metro Vineyard in Nova Scotia

“Really enjoying your book, Don. My wife is reading it for the second time! Can we pass it along to others? We are also wanting our children to read it.” – Vineyard Missionary Art Rae, working with the sexually broken in Xingu, Brazil, South America

“This book is a great perspective especially for the Christian who wants to gain understanding about the issues of homosexuality and for those who are confused about it. It is well thought out, truthful, loving and an honest look at a very important issue today. It’s one of those books that I am going to keep on the shelf for those times when I want to revisit the nuggets presented here. It is not written as an axe to grind, or to look for a reason to disagree with LGBT issues. It is written from honest experience and concern to understand what the truth is about gender confusion, the seriousness of its effects in today’s society and in the church. I would highly recommend it.” – Bill Gaston

“I love how Don shares some very personal details. He has a wealth of experience and effectively communicates his love for people – even those with whom he disagrees.
I recommend this book to you who would seek to understand the significance of sexuality and the arguments surrounding it, especially in relation to scriptural interpretation.
I gave this book a high rating because to Don, this clearly is more than just ideals and theories. The topic is so close to his heart. He has dedicated his life to see people walk in true freedom and wholeness.” –
Mark A McEwing

“Loving, full of grace and full of biblical truth, this book brings hope and clarity to a tricky subject that is leaving a whole lot of people confused. Don has decades of counseling experience in this area and is also a gifted theologian. He is also an excellent communicator and this shines through in this book.” – Katherine Walden

“In these times, the need for clarity concerning the issue of homosexuality is of utmost importance….this book is an excellent tool assisting in the understanding of scripture. It is presented in a way that can be understood and applied to inform and assist those who truly seek freedom from the bondage of homosexuality. This is an excellent resource for those called to come along side someone in the homosexual lifestyle seeking freedom from their bondage or in need of accurate biblical perspective to defend their faith from a culture continually challenging Christian beliefs…as the Spirit empowers the principals in the book, it equips the church to be a light in an ever darkening world. The stories and testimonies in this book convey the true meaning of our faith…a life that is changed…they encourage and bring hope to all those struggling with sin…God’s Spirit and words are the agent of change for all those who believe.” – BB

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